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If you are facing a bail hearing or probation violation

you need an experienced attorney to represent you and protect your rights

As the prosecution of a criminal case moves through arrest-to-arraignment-to-trial, the courts assess the level of bail that will be applied to the criminal defendant. Bail is determined at bail hearings, and can be cash or assets. The courts use bail when there is likelihood that the defendant may be a flight risk and hence is used as a tool to prevent the defendant from fleeing. In certain cases, where the defendant is considered a danger to others the courts may deny bail.

Should you find yourself, or a loved one, about to attend a bail hearing, you should be represented by an experienced criminal defense attorney to ensure your rights are protected and you receive the best possible outcome. When results matter, turn to Attorney Ann Sheeley to represent you at your bail hearing.

Probation Violations

After you've been convicted of a crime, the court may place you on probation.  When a person is placed on probation, the court can impose several conditions that must be met.  The law states that a defendant is not entitled to probation as a matter of right. The court has the ability to revoke a probationary term if the probationer violates any of the terms set by the court.

When there has been a violation of the terms and conditions of probation, the court system will call for a probation hearing. The purpose of these hearings is to review any probation violation with a view to levying additional punishment. The additional punishment levied at a probation hearing is left to a great degree up to the discretion of the probation officer.

Common causes of probation violation

  • You did not appear in court during a scheduled appearance on a set date and time.

  • You did not report to your probation officer at the scheduled time or place.

  • You did not pay the mandated fines and/or court costs from a previous conviction.

  • You did not pay restitution as mandated by a court.

  • You have had contact with known felons or violated a no contact order.

  • You've traveled out of state without the permission of your probation officer or the court.

  • You did not complete counseling, education, or treatment as required under the terms of your probation.

  • You failed to supply documents as required by the court.

  • You got caught possessing, using or selling illegal drugs.

  • You tested positive for an illegal drug or alcohol.

  • You have recently been arrested for another crime.

If you find yourself, or a loved one, being called before a probation hearing, it is imperative that you are represented by a tough, experienced criminal defense lawyer who will protect your rights. Turn to Sheeley Law when results matter.

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