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Giving You Peace of Mind and Protecting You, Your Family and Your Lifetime of Assets

Sheeley Law will be by your side to discuss your goals, answer your questions and ensure you have all the necessary documents to give your peace of mind.

A will, living will and power of attorney for health care might be the most important documents you will ever sign. By providing your family clear, written direction about your end-of-life wishes, you will spare them uncertainty, anguish and even conflict because when family members disagree about what course to follow, the consequences can lead to rifts that are never resolved. At Sheeley Law, we make sure your lifetime of assets are safely transferred to future generations and you receive the medical care and treatment you desire, should you become incapacitated.

The Difference Between a Will, a Living Will and Health/Financial Power of Attorney:


A Last Will and Testament (“Will”) is a legally binding document that ensures everything you have accumulated throughout your lifetime of hard work is divided in the manner in which you choose after your death. While no one likes to plan for the unforeseeable future, by taking proactive steps in creating a Will, you – not the State – decide which individuals and charities are the beneficiaries. A Will also allows you to name a guardian to care for minor children. Without a Will, your assets could be tied up in probate court for months, sometimes years. Furthermore, your heirs may be forced to spend considerable time, money and emotional energy to settle your affairs after you're gone.

Living Will

A Living Will differs from a Last Will and Testament in that it directs both your family and health care providers your wishes for end-of-life medical treatment should you no longer be able to communicate them on your own. In a Living Will, you decide the kind of life-sustaining treatment you want in the event that you are incapacitated. For example, if you suffer a stroke or are in a car accident and suffer a severe brain injury, you should be the one to decide if you want to be on life-support. In these circumstances, your Living Will can spare your loved ones many difficult decisions.

Health Care Power of Attorney 

In a Living Will, you can designate a Health Care Power of Attorney to make critical health care decisions in circumstances when you are unable to communicate your own personal wishes.

Financial Power of Attorney 

In a Living Will, you can designate a Financial Power of Attorney to act on your behalf and make important financial decisions, such as withdrawing money from your bank account or signing papers in other financial transactions, to avoid the expensive and time-consuming guardianship process through the court system.

Why Ann Sheeley?

For over 25 years, families in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts have counted on Sheeley Law to take care of what MATTERS MOST to you.


From start to finish, Attorney Ann Sheeley will be by your side to discuss your goals, answer your questions and generate all the legally binding documents necessary to ensure your affairs are in order and you have piece of mind.

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