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Sheeley Laws Secures $250,000 Settlement for Client Injured in a Pedestrian Accident

Original Offer from Insurance Company: $50,000

Sheeley Law Obtained: $100,000 + Additional $150,000 from underinsurance carrier Totaling 250,000 settlement for client


Sheeley Law represented a gentleman who was severely injured from a pedestrian accident with a motor vehicle that occurred in a crosswalk at a busy intersection in Newport, Rhode Island.   


The driver was traveling southbound in the left-hand lane and stopped for the red traffic light. She was the first in line to make a left turn when she struck the victim with considerable force as he was halfway through the crosswalk. Witnesses informed the police that the driver was traveling “at a high rate of speed and had taken off abruptly from where she had been stopped [down the road].”


The driver admitted to the police that she was looking down at her cell phone that was being held in her hand to read and send a text message while negotiating the intersection.  As a result of her negligence, our client was struck, landing onto the hood of the motor vehicle, impacted the windshield, and then rolled forward onto the roadway. He landed approximately 54 feet from the initial impact.


The victim sustained severe injuries to his back, teeth, neck, nose, right leg and head.  He was transported to the hospital by rescue and admitted as an inpatient. Over the next several months, our client underwent five (5) Ct-Scans, two (2) sets of x-rays of his right leg and cervical spine, an MRI of the cervical spine, and a EKG. He was treated by neurological, dental, orthopedic and cosmetic surgeons, other specialists and a physical therapist. His doctors diagnosed our client with suffering from a mild traumatic brain head injury, severe concussion with loss of memory, and multiple lesions over his lower body. As which often occurs after a traumatic accident, our client experienced severe anxiety due to the accident, and suffered with multiple episodes of disabling vertigo. Initially he was unable to orient himself, his periphery vision was impaired, and he was unable to process information that is visual or auditory from his left side due to the traumatic brain injury.

All-in-all, our client’s medical expenses totaled over $55,000.

Our Approach

Sheeley Law leaves no stone unturned when assessing our clients’ damages, pain and suffering, and life impact resulting from a personal injury accident. In addition to his medical expenses, the pedestrian accident caused life-altering effects.  Our client has a difficult time doing such mundane tasks as shaving, getting up quickly, and walking for long periods before suffering from severe vertigo. Due to severe vertigo, was not able to drive a motor vehicle for a period of time, and his episodes of vertigo occurred when he is laying down, and therefore, he slept in a recliner and suffered from sleep deprivation, at times. Our client also suffered neurological effects due to the accident. All of his everyday life activities were affected and continued to be affected for a long period of time as a direct result of the multiple injuries sustained in the motor vehicle accident.


The first offer from the insurance company was $50,000, not even enough to cover medical expenses. Attorney Ann Sheeley, considered one of the top negotiators in the state of Rhode Island, pushed back with a demand for $100,000 (the policy limit of the driver’s auto insurance policy), which took into consideration all past, present and future medical bills, as well as pain and suffering.

Attorney Ann Sheeley did not stop there, though. Next, she pursued an underinsured claim against the victim’s own insurance company. Underinsurance motorist (UIM) coverage is standard in Rhode Island but is not mandatory. If you are involved in an accident with a defendant with policy limits too low to properly compensate, your UIM policy stands in the place of the insurance of the person who hit you, up to your own policy limits. In this case, it meant there was an additional $150,000 in coverage available for the client.

The Result

By leaving no stone unturned and demanding a fair settlement from two different insurance companies, Sheeley Law was able to obtain a settlement of $250,000, after originally being offered only $50,000 from the driver’s insurance company.


Sadly, many insurance companies may take advantage of accident victims when they are most vulnerable and try to settle claims quickly and for the lowest possible amount. Attorney Ann Sheeley has two decades of experience representing pedestrians that were injured in accidents. Our clients can count on Sheeley Law to stand by their side every step of the way, protect their rights and fight for the compensation they deserve.

Proudly Serving Rhode Island &
SE Massachusetts for 25+ Years

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