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Five Reasons to Hire a Small Personal Injury Law Firm vs. a Large Firm

Updated: Mar 19

An accident can be a very traumatizing experience and trying to decide which lawyer to hire for your personal injury case can be an overwhelming decision.  Law firms can range from single-attorney practices to large, multi-state and multi-practice corporate conglomerates. When it comes to choosing a personal injury law firm in Rhode Island, bigger DOES NOT necessarily mean better. Below are important qualities you should look for when seeking legal representation for your accident case:

Personal Injury Lawsuit Settlements

  1. Specialized Expertise: While large law firms may offer a wide range of legal services, smaller, boutique firms have specialized knowledge in personal injury law that can be a game-changer when navigating complex legal and insurance issues. In addition to having specific personal injury experience in Rhode Island, your lawyer needs to have strong negotiating skills, as that’s critical in dealing with insurance companies. Firms like Sheeley Law that are focused on personal injury cases know how to navigate the court system and negotiate fiercely on your behalf with the insurance companies to get you maximum compensation for your injuries.

  2. Trial Experience: It is also important to hire a lawyer who has taken cases all the way to trial. Many large firms are quick to settle outside the courtroom, particularly if they perceive the case to be too complicated or time consuming. At Sheeley Law, we have trial experience and believe it is your attorney’s duty to stand up for you and fight for maximum compensation. Attorney Sheeley is designated as one of the “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” by the National Trial Lawyers, a member-driven organization composed of the premier trial lawyers from across the country who meet stringent qualifications as civil plaintiff and/or criminal defense trial lawyers.

  3. Care and Compassion: Large firms handle hundreds of clients at once. To them, you are just another case. Typically, they’ll schedule your consultation with a senior attorney but then pass your case on to a junior attorney with much less experience. Many accident victims are unaware that larger firms also charge high fees for inexperienced lawyers who have no track record of success. When considering an attorney, you should always ask who is going to handle your case? Among what sets Sheeley Law apart is the personal attention you and your case will receive.  Attorney Ann Sheeley oversees each case personally and will be by your side, guiding you every step of the way with care and compassion, until you get the settlement you deserve.

  4. Communication and Responsiveness: Communication is key in any legal matter. Large law firms are often bound by bureaucracy and layers upon layers of decision-making processes that can render them unresponsive to your needs. In contrast, clients of small personal injury firms like Sheeley Law have direct access to their attorney and can expect prompt responses to their inquiries. This accessibility fosters a sense of trust and transparency, ensuring clients are kept informed every step of the way. Whether it's a simple question or a pressing concern, our clients can feel confident that their voices will be heard and their needs prioritized.

  5. Client-Centered Approach: At the heart of every small personal injury law firm is a commitment to putting the client first. Firms like Sheeley Law prioritize client satisfaction over maximizing profits, allowing us to tailor our services to meet your specific needs. From consultation to settlement, your case will be the priority and we will provide personalized legal strategies that deliver results.

In conclusion, when deciding which law firm to represent you in a personal injury case, smaller boutique personal injury firms like Sheeley Law offer a higher level of specialized expertise, care and personalized attention, accessibility, and responsiveness than larger firms - and that is hard to match.  

Attorney Ann Sheeley has more than 25 years of personal injury experience and a proven track record of delivering results because when it comes to you and your family, “Results Matter.” From day one to settlement, you can count on us to stand by your side, be a strong advocate, and seek full compensation for your injuries and losses. If you have questions or would like a free consultation, contact us at 401-619-5555 or email










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